Introduction to Agudas Achim North Shore Congregation

Agudas Achim was founded nearly 120 years ago on Jewish Chicago's famed Maxwell Street. Its third and present home, built in the 1920's with a major addition in the late 1940's, was designed to serve the spiritual, educational and social needs of a substantial and vibrant community. Its builders, in the main, were successful in business and the professions and were committed to constructing a functional as well as ascetically pleasing building. Their affluence allowed them to build one of the most beautiful Synagogues ever constructed in Chicago. Costing nearly $400,000 to construct (in the millions of dollars if built today), the Synagogue houses a Sanctuary which can accommodate nearly two thousand individuals on permanent pews. Today, Agudas Achim is the last example of the classical Cathedral Synagogue extant as a Jewish house of worship in Greater Chicago.

This web site is intended to provide the visitor with an understanding of our history, our activities and the challenge that confronts us in the 21st century. The major sections are:

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