The New Jewish Congressman

by Rabbi Philip Lefkowitz

Please read the letter below. Jan holds the traditional “Jewish seat” from Chicago which was occupied by Congressman Yates for fifty years.

Please read her letter. Note she acknowledges reading my letter to President Obama, who she adamantly supports, yet in stating her actions on the matter, they are limited to conferring with the ADL – I thought it usually played out the other way, the ADL conferred with the Congressperson to ascertain what our government could do in a given situation – and, in the future, contacting the State Department.

Glaringly left out, the most obvious and significant step she could take, is her contacting the President regarding a legitimate concern in Jewish and general circles – a human rights issue, supporting my letter to him. I believe our President has a cordial relationship with Mr. Chavez and would be the ideal individual to deal with this situation.

I guess party politics trumps one’s obligation to his/her fellow Jew and to the constituency that put you in office.

At least in the past we could count upon the Jewish Congressman especially if he or, in this instance, she, represented a district with a large Jewish population as Jan does, to not only support our issues but to be vigilant in watching out for Jewish interests.