Why Bother With Facts?

by Rabbi Philip Lefkowitz

The response to the recent flotilla effort to run the Israeli-Egyptian blockade of Gaza, once again underscores the general world view that when it comes to Israel facts account for nothing.

With the rise of terrorist activity against our own country, it would be wise for Americans, unlike Europeans and the United Nations, to take heed of the facts on the ground in the middle east.

Chief among these facts is that in an election urged by our own Secretary of State Rice, the residents of Gaza elected Hamas to serve as their officials. Classified as a terrorist organization by our own government, Hamas calls for the destruction of the State of Israel rejecting a two state peace plan. The residents of Gaza are not the innocents some wish to portray them to be.

Here are some other interesting facts that deserve your attention:

Facts do count! They count for those earnestly committed to resolving conflict. Ignoring facts only helps those who wish to confirm their own bias at the expense of other people’s lives.