Morris Newman

Ex-President and Life Member c1927

Born on the feast of Esther, February 25th, 1850, in Kementze, near Kashau, upper Hungary. Studied until Bar Mitzwoh with three different Melamdim (teachers). He had as his teacher such great scholars as Rabbi Eliazar Leon, Dr. Ezriel Hildeshiemer and had as his companions Schmarya Hertz, father of Dr. Hertz, Chief Rabbi of England, and Dr. Klein, Rabbi of Ohav Zedek, New York.

Mr. Newman married Mina Engel in 1870 and came to America in 1889, securing work at Estreicher's Matzoh bakery and as Hebrew teacher during the evening. At the Congregation Agudath Achim, he served as secretary, vice president and as president. It was his idea to inaugurate that splendid memorial book which is not only a source of income to the Congregation but a great service to the surviving relatives of the departed members. An active Zionist he gave much of his efforts to the rebuilding of the Jewish National Homeland in Palestine.