Mazel Tov

With its new coat of paint, the magnificent golden arch surrounding the pulpit glistened in the morning sun. The kaleidoscope of color bathing the sanctuary from our brilliant stained glass windows provided a warm spiritual feeling. The exquisite Chupah (marriage canopy) erected in front of our thirty foot high Italian mosaic tile Holy Ark stood ready to welcome the bride and groom.

Agudas Achim has come alive once again! Our first wedding in decades, the sound of the blessings sung by Cantor Goldberger at the wedding of Jennifer and Jerry Albom brought tears to the eyes of those among the hundreds in attendance who had striven for so many years to keep the Congregation open. What a day! The Cantor's voice was most definitely a clarion call ushering in another era in the life of our famous Synagogue.

Agudas Achim North Shore Congregation, representing, as it does, the spiritual devotion of a proud and committed Jewish community of more than three quarters of a century ago, stands as the last example of the classical Cathedral Synagogue extant in Chicago.

The restoration of our synagogue is being undertaken not only to preserve a glorious history, which in of itself is a lofty goal. It is being undertaken to provide a structure able to serve an ever growing population in the future. A living museum, Agudas Achim presents a unique opportunity for Chicagoans and others to share in the restoration of one of the most exquisite Houses of Worship ever built in our City. From its imposing Romanesque fašade to its magnificent staircases leading to its main floor, from its ornate plaster work to its almost 2,000 permanent seats in its main sanctuary and, with its majestic Holy Ark serving as its center piece, Agudas Achim is arguably one of the most beautiful and architecturally important structures ever built on the North Side of the city.

We invite you to join with us in this first of a kind effort to restore a magnificent Synagogue as part of Chicago's history to serve as a legacy of Faith and hope for future generations. Rabbi Lefkowitz and members of our board of directors are most willing to discuss any special dedications you might want to make in support of this major effort. If you wish to visit our building, just give us a call!

As we look forward to the new millennium, we at Agudas Achim view ourselves as the custodians of one of Chicago's greatest treasures. We believe that you will want to play a role in restoring our collective legacy for the enjoyment of generations to come. Join us as united we build for the future while at the same time preserving the glory that is our community's past.