The Holy Ark

The Holy Ark, a magnificent work of art commissioned by the Synagogue's architect, Henry Dubin, and executed by craftsmen in Germany, stands as the focal point of this magnificent room. Made of Italian mosaic tile, the intricacies of its designs and the brilliance of its colors captivate all. Standing approximately thirty feet high, it is, as it should be, the dominating piece in the entire Sanctuary.

Crowned with lions and the Ten Commandments, all created in tile, it is toped off by three electrified stars of David. Surrounding this one of a kind masterpiece, is a large stained glass window depicting the rising of the sun. As the ark is located on the Eastern wall, the brilliance of its colors, accented by the natural sun light pouring through the rich hues of the stained glass surrounding it, offers a sense of spiritual serenity that reaches the hearts and souls of the Congregation in prayer.